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What is FunMiles Rewards?

Immediately unlock discounts and privileges upon membership sign up!
Enjoy member privileges by accumulating your spendings with every purchase.


🎉 8th Anniversary Celebration

Extra unlimited 2.5% Fun Coins rebates for ELITE members with every purchase in November!

What is FunMiles Rewards?

What are the membership privileges?

membership privileges_en_2x.png
  • Note 1: 100 Fun Coins = TWD 100 = HKD 25 = JPY 100 = MYR 12.5 = THB 100

    Note 2: PRO and ELITE-exclusive privileges “50% Off on New Release (discount worth TWD 100 / HKD 25 / JPY 400 / MYR 12.5 / THB 100 per voucher), 25% Off on Movie Tickets (only available in Taiwan Region), ¥5000 Japan Entertainment Discount Vouchers (10% discount capped at JPY 500 per voucher)” can be claimed one time with every membership upgrade.

    Note 3: ELITE-exclusive "Unlimited 10% Fun Coins Rebates during Birthday Month" will be launched soon, stay tuned!

Membership Privileges

How many membership levels are there and how to join?

Enjoy a lifetime SEEKER membership upon signing up
Upgrade to a higher membership level immediately once qualified
Accumulate 260 FunMiles to unlock the highest membership level—ELITE

membership levels_en_2x.png
  • 如何晉升與獲得哩程數 +
    只要在 FunNow 平台上,每消費滿 TWD 30 / HKD 10 / MYR 5 / THB 20 / JPY 135 元,即可獲得 1 個哩程。 當哩程數累積達下一等級會員門檻,系統將自動於哩程入帳後 24 小時內,將你的會員等級晉升至下一等級,同時系統將自動扣除晉升至該會員等級所需之哩程數;SEEKER 探索會員無限效期;PRO 達人會員 & ELITE 菁英會員,則每次的會員效期為三個月。 注意:獲得的哩程數將根據您的實際結帳金額計算,不足金額恕不累計計算。獲得的哩程數將會訂單完成兌換後 24 小時內,系統將自動發送至您的帳號中。
  • 快速晉升小祕技 +
    ELITE 菁英會員每次消費可賺取額外 40% 哩程;PRO 達人會員每次消費可賺取額外 20% 哩程。

*Please visit FAQs for more membership level details.

Membership Levels

Limited from 1 - 30 Nov

Unveiling new membership in conjunction with FunNow's 8th Anniversary!

Earn 2X FunMiles
and level up fast!

During the campaign period, earn extra 5 FunMiles for the 1st purchase, extra 10 FunMiles for the 2nd purchase, extra 15 FunMiles for the 3rd purchase, and so forth, up to extra 75 FunMiles!*

ELITE pride! Earn unlimited ELITE-exclusive rebates with every purchase.

During the campaign period, earn extra unlimited 2.5% Fun Coins rebates for any purchase of ELITE-exclusive products.**

  • *Applicable to only bookings made via FunNow and both "transaction time" and "service time" are within the period of 1 Nov - 30 Nov. The extra FunMiles will be credited at 18:00 on the next monday after the booking has completed.

  • **Applicable to only restaurant and bar related bookings made via FunNow and both "transaction time" and "service time" are within the period of 1 Nov - 30 Nov. Enjoy extra 2.5% Fun Coins rebates with every purchase. The amount of rebates shall depend on the actual transaction amount and will be credited after the event ends and the latest by Dec 15. (Limited to Taiwan & Malaysia regions)

Funiversary Event

More info available on FunNow FAQ page

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