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Brand Story

Instant and Spontaneous. FunNow reinvents the traditional booking process to make it easy to find and book something you will love to do.


FunNow takes its inspiration from the Dutch way of life - direct, spontaneous, laid-back, and being in the present. Whether it is a last-minute booking for a flight ticket or a hotel room, a dine-out or an opera, you are in control.


One night, after a few drinks, a group of fearless and passionate young people who had neither coding skills nor solid industrial experiences, vowed to reinvent the booking process through platform economy, a result of having a fair share of disastrous booking experiences - the unimaginable hassles to go through to make a booking, insanely long queue time, and all sorts of horrible experiences.

Thus, in 2015, these brave souls left their comfort zones to set out on an unexpected adventure with a burning passion and desire to create groundbreaking lifestyle-booking experiences wherever they are. From 0 to 1.5 million users, and from 1 city to 4 countries, the history of FunNow has been made.


Life is certainly uncertain, let’s start to have fun and enjoy every minute of it!


With easy and reliable booking made available by FunNow, create unforgettable experiences and live your life to the fullest, anytime, anywhere.

Brand Values



FunNow is all about being genuine and real to the many people - to users, our co-workers and our merchant-partners as part of our effort in building a healthier ecosystem.


We are passionate, we have fun, and we live our lives to the fullest. We are here to bring the most delightful lifestyle-booking experience to urbanites.

Simple & Easy

We care about user experience and usability. That means we adopt simple, straightforward, and user-friendly design to create the best in-app user journey possible.

Founding Team


Ting-Kuan Chen

Co-Founder & CEO


Chia-Chen Chang

Co-Founder & Chief Global Strategist


Szu-Chi Lee

Co-Founder & CMO


Pei-Yi Sun

Co-Founder & COO

Our brands


TABLEAPP is Malaysia’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations. Through the TABLEAPP website and mobile apps, TABLEAPP helps diners to create a better dining experience by enabling real-time, free, and easy restaurant reservations 24/7 online.



October 28, 2020 e27

“This acquisition of TABLEAPP aligns with FunNow’s mission of creating more memorable experiences, a big part which is for users to be spontaneous before enjoying what lies ahead through a powerful reservation platform within their mobile devices. Now with TABLEAPP, we are set to become the largest reservation platform in Malaysia and soon other cities in Southeast Asia for urbanites,” said Philip Ting, Founding Partner and Head of Southeast Asia at FunNow.


November 9, 2020 The Edge Markets

Taiwan-based FunNow, the leading reservation platform for various entertainment and leisure venues, has acquired TABLEAPP, a Malaysian start-up providing restaurant reservation and table management tools. “The combined entity enables restaurants to sell their empty tables at the last minute while concurrently attracting a bigger user base to also capitalise on discounts and offers,” says Benson Chang, TABLEAPP’s founder and CEO.


October 2020 Vulcan Post

TABLEAPP and FunNow are now combined as an all-in-one platform to offer F&B and lifestyle on-demand bookings with discounts. Users will get a discount deal to sweeten the booking experience. At the same time, merchants can reduce or eliminate their no-show rate, and also, sell their empty tables at the last minute, expanding its user base.

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